Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I couldn't resist it! I've been checking the Digi Chick boutique almost daily to see when Mindy Terasawa's "sweeties" would be back in stock....and yesterday, they were!

I've sent off my form, and should hopefully see my custom sweetie back to me within a week or so, but since we've got a holiday tomorrow, it could go longer.

In the meantime, I also picked up this adorable calendar kit by Christy Lyle:

You can get it here: Digi Chick Boutique, Christy Lyle 2006 Calendar Kit

Tomorrow, it's off to do the "two dinner" drive around town. Sigh. Get up, pack up everything, drive from home to my parents' house, stay until 2 p.m., drive to his parents' house, arrive at 3 p.m., stay until 6 p.m., drive 90 minutes back home. Ugh. We made sure to fill up the tank on our way home today, didn't want to be caught without enough gas to go everywhere on a day when few gas stations are likely to be open.

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