Monday, September 26, 2005

It's been a few days since I last posted, and a lot of things have happened in the meantime.

First, I walked the Race for the Cure (3.1 miles) with my husband. We met up with a friend of the woman I was walking in celebration of, and had a good chat while walking with the hordes. Hordes, you say? What else do you call 45,000 people? :)

Second, I did not place in the top 50 for Memory Makers Masters. While this is disappointing, I have moved on and am thinking about finishing my entry for the Basic Grey Be Bold contest and starting on an entry for the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. Just a year ago, I wouldn't have even thought about entering, but I have decided that contests encourage me to do my best work.

And last, but not least, my paternal grandmother passed away in Virginia. Unfortunately, since I live 3000 miles away, I could not attend the memorial service (yesterday) or the funeral/graveside service (today). I sent email cards to my relatives on that side and a lovely floral basket.

This past weekend, I pretty much took it easy. I slept a lot, got a bit of scrapping done, and just in general relaxed.

Now for today's news!

I lost a .5 lb! Since I didn't post last Monday (my weigh-in day), you don't know that I had gained back a .5 lb from the week before. So, I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago, but a loss is better than a gain any day.

Here's my current stats:

Starting Weight: 204 lbs
Current Weight: 202 lbs
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bad blogger! No biscuit....

So, here I am, 5 days later.....

The stress of waiting for the results from Memory Makers Masters (MMM) is getting to me. I told DH he's got to get those pop tarts he bought out of the house (he picked up the "big" box at Costco), or I'm going to eat them all. 4 points per Pop Tart! Yikes! Thankfully, there's no Haagen Dazs bars in the freezer..... :)

Tomorrow we are doing the 5K walk in the Race for the Cure. You can support me here, if you are so inclined:

Support me in the Race for the Cure

However, I do understand if don't support's kind of hard to fork out money for breast cancer when folks need assistance so much from Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Good news!

I stepped on the scale this morning for my weekly WI. I lost 2 lbs! WOOHOO!


Starting weight: 204 lbs
Current weight: 202 lbs
Goal weight: 150 lbs

Work is going well. It is helping me keep my mind off the fact that MMM contest results should be coming in anytime now after the 15th and by the 23rd. I sure hope it's earlier rather than later, but at least I have something to distract me.

I started walking on my breaks today. 10 minutes each 15 minute break, eventually I'll work up to the entire 15 minutes.

Sunday is the 2005 Portland Race for the Cure. Both of us will be walking with the local radio station team. You can help me support me here: Race for the Cure fundraising page

Sunday, September 11, 2005


It has been a busy weekend!

Friday night, I went scrapbooking with some friends at the local scrapbooking store for a crop. I did almost nothing, except stamp some pages. Pages I still need to scan so I can upload them to the Scrapbook Jungle for the design team pages created with SEI papers. Sigh. Tomorrow I'll scan and upload.

Saturday, we went to the airshow with a friend of ours from out of town. We had a good time, but due to the cloudy weather (and imminent rain threatening all the time), the Thunderbirds had to tone down their show a bit. Still got some really good pictures though, using my 70-300 zoom lens.

Sunday, we went to a barbecue and microbrew festival. Kinda smaller than we expected, but it was fun to just sit and chat and have a good time people watching.

I'm hoping my WI tomorrow is good. I've been really good with points, and even managed to do fairly well out of the house on both weekend days.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I survived the potluck today. Definitely back in the groove.

Work is going well, they are keeping me busy.

Hopefully, less than two weeks to MMM results. I don't feel like I have much hope to be in the top 50, but you never know.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I think I'm getting into the "groove" of WW again! :D

By the end of my work day today, I only had 10 points left for dinner, and we were headed to Subway at the truck stop on the way to the State Fair to pick up my entries. Lo and behold, the Subway/Taco Bell was under construction. Our choice? A restaurant across the parking lot.

Confronted with the menu, I actually chose a Boca burger with fries. I didn't eat all the fries, and could not finish the Boca burger either. I'm pretty sure I used up those 10 points though, but at least I didn't go over, or make a bad choice from the menu.

I had a great day at work! It was so good to be back among people who are happy to see you every day.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Still on plan for the day! I haven't had dinner yet, but definitely have enough points for it.

Now if I could just get the exercise.....maybe I'll make my husband go for a walk with me tonight. :D

Tomorrow I start my new job contract, so it will be full of food temptations. I must resist.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I stayed "on plan" today. Only one point over my daily points, and that is covered by flex points.

Unfortunately, weighing in prompted it.

My stats:

Start Weight: 204 lbs
Current Weight: 204 lbs (no change this week)
Goal Weight: 150 lbs

In better news, I start my new job contract on Wednesday. 2 months off was nice, especially after 18 months of no time off (except for conferences). But I'm ready to be around people on a daily basis other than my husband (love you honey) and cats. :) Especially since we only have one vehicle and work is 45 minutes away, so it leaves me stranded at home with a bicycle for transportation.

I've been checking out digital scrapbooking websites, and have ended up "staying" at the following places:

Digi Chick



You'll find me there as "rh_scrapbooker".....

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Well, we went to Mount St Helens yesterday, so I tried to keep on track as much as possible.

Here's a pic or two....the top one is a close up of the crater, and the bottom one is the view from the Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Doing well today. Had pizza even, but stuck with cheese pizza, which is less points.

I still haven't exercised yet. I need a push, or better yet, a partner.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Okay. We did a bad thing today.

We didn't get breakfast. I went into town with my husband this morning, and dropped him off at work with no breakfast. I picked him up at 10 a.m. for "lunch," and we ended up at a Carrow's restaurant (like Denny's) because most restaurants don't open up until 11 a.m.

I ended up with a "great start" breakfast: oatmeal, fresh fruit, and toast. I requested the toast dry and put some jelly on it to keep the points down. I didn't eat all of the oatmeal and I ate enough to qualify as one slice of cantaloupe. After that, I dropped him back off at work and had a coffee drink worth 3 points at Coffee People.

Then I let the American Red Cross have some of my blood.

By the time I picked him back up from work, we were starving.

Don't get off the feeding schedule, it leads to bad food choices because it's quick. I think I managed to stay within points or just barely go over, but I could have done a lot better if we had planned ahead and eaten something before leaving the house.