Monday, February 27, 2006

First day of work went fairly smoothly! Well, they didn't have my computer ready first thing when I got there (8:30), but by the time I got out of benefits orientation (11:00) I not only had a computer, but two monitors. :) Then my manager took me out for lunch. Day went by pretty fast, got signed up for benefits, and started learning about the industry.

They had no issue with us parking our second car overnight Monday-Thursday nights, so we don't have to drive both cars over the pass every day...and it saves on gas & wear and tear on both vehicles. The only problem is how early I'll get there, but I'll just head to the gym to workout, instead of going into work at 6:45....*shudder*.....wish me luck! I'll need it, starting exercise back up again!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I love weekends.

I get to sleep in until 7:30 (a luxury when you wake up at 5:30 a.m. Monday - Friday), I can leisurely play on the computer while my husband sleeps on, and just in general relax.

Today I did two loads of laundry, partially reorganized my walk-in closet, and created one layout. Did I mention I got a nap? Another good thing about weekends! :)
I had a wonderful day off yesterday!

I met with my friend Dean for coffee, and we went to the mall so I could buy my "business casual" clothes for my new job. We also picked up his stretched canvas painting at a local frame shop.

Then I met with my friends Amy and Lisa for a late lunch, stopped by the scrapbook store to pick up my pictures (and a few new hot papers), and headed on over to pick up my husband from work.

We went to "the geek's mecca" - otherwise known as Fry's. I needed a new external hard drive, and he wanted to look at fax machines. So we braved the big store and found what we were looking for: a 300GB external hard drive from Seagate, a new cel phone, a couple of geeky computer books, and a memory card for my husband's PDA.

I've now got my new cel phone charged and ready to use Yahoo IM. So, while I was at the mall yesterday, I stopped by the T-Mobile store and asked how much it would cost to buy a new phone, without adding a year or two onto my current month to month contract. The salesperson pointed at the invoice price. I looked, and the very basic (no camera, no music player) cel phone I wanted was $179. No thanks. Fast forward to Fry's. Fry's is an authorized dealer of T-Mobile services (and Cingular and a couple of others). They have the EXACT same phone I wanted at the store, in a *prepaid to go* phone package. Price? $59.99. They verified that all I'd need to do is insert my existing SIM card (instead of the prepaid SIM card) in the slot, and I'd be good to go. So I got it - at a 1/3rd of the price the retail store wanted me to pay for the same package. Hmmmm.

Here's the book I picked up:

Photoshop CS2 Workflow

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I've been busy wrapping up things here at work. I'll really miss the people I work with, but I'm excited to take on a new challenge at a new job. Working with someone I like, even better! :)

Today is my last day, so I could have a day off between jobs! I'm going to meet friends for lunch, another friend for coffee, shop for some more business casual slacks, and possibly get a replacement phone. That is, if I can convince T-Mobile to let me buy a phone without "extending" my contract. You'd think that after 6 years as a customer, they wouldn't try that anymore. :D

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ah....I feel so relaxed and recharged now!

We drove down to Astoria and Seaside today, and just got away from it all for a few hours.

Saw the blue skies, the ocean, smelled the fresh air, walked on the sand...

Used a sepia filter on this one. Here's the information about this building:

The big red building out in the river was a net drying and mending shed or net loft. Natural fiber nets, which often were made in the fishermen’s homes during the winters, needed to be dried between uses. Fishermen could navigate their boats right up under the building where a hoist would lift the nets to dry. The building was used in the movie “Free Willy II.” A local artist and art professor has purchased the building and is renovating it to be artist studios and small shops.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Well, I didn't get the "call" from PaperDillies. Ah well. Moving on...

After today, only 4 more days at my current job. I'm excited to move on, but not excited about leaving the people behind. I'm sure I'll make a new group of friends at my new job, but it's always bittersweet to leave a contract behind.

I took this sunrise picture yesterday from work - I had my camera with me because I went to a banquet last night.

I'm going use a filter in Photoshop to make it more dramatic in B/W, so look for that in the near future.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I've been tagged by Diana!




I haven't been able to scrap the death of my cat, Alokut, since she passed away in July 2002.


Matting every photo.


It has to be big enough to be able to at least use a punch on.


- paper cuts
- cuts on my fingers from picking up the trimmer by the blade
- tendonitis from tracing out letters and cutting them out


- books
- electronic gadgets
- movies


- Label everything
- IRIS carts are a scrapper's friend


My friends Brookes, Lisa, Trudi, & Dana. I have a lot of online scrapbooking buddies I'd love to take too, if I could bring more than 4 friends.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Still waiting on the PaperDillies DT call.

In the meantime, I visited the Grand Re-opening of Shabby Princess' Shabby Shoppe.

Here's a peek at what I got:

Taran Conyers' "Girly Girl" kit, the *shabby* version

Shabby Princess' "Bluebell Road" kit

Shabby Princess' "Faux Jewels" embellishments

Monday, February 13, 2006

Well, in less than 2 days I should know about the PaperDillies DT.

And 2 weeks from today, I start my new job. Got the "official" offer in the mail on Friday, signed it, and it is winging back to the company via the USPS. I am so excited to start a new chapter in my life. This job is opening up some interesting decisions in my life, and you'll know about them soon enough.

Well, all but one piece of furniture got moved over the weekend. Couch went to my sister, queen sized bed went to my friend, and we picked up the couch and loveseat (futon style). We still don't have the coffee table, but the person who sold them to us is bringing that into work today, and I will pick it up on the way home, along with a stop at the employee store....looking for business casual clothes that will work for my new job.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another disappointment. I didn't get a "call" for my Blueprints layouts I submitted. Sigh. Moving on again. I'm very happy for my friend Becky though, who got calls for 3 of the 5 she submitted. And the 2 that didn't get picked up for Blueprints? She submitted those with 2 others to another magazine, and they were picked up within a couple of hours. Go Becky Go! :)

The chat at the DigiChick was so successful tonight, people couldn't get in! I left the chat after about 30 minutes, because as a de-zine team member, I already had the password (see layout below) and wanted to give others a chance to get in. I never made it back in! :)

Well, the "Great Furniture Move" rolls along. Dad is showing up Saturday morning (11 hours from now), helping us load the couch into his truck, we follow him to my sister's house with our car, we drive back with his truck. And on Sunday, we drive our queen sized mattress, boxsprings, and frame to my friend, drop it off, and then go pick up our new couch, loveseat, and coffee table. Way too much maneuvering for me.....*blink*.....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well, I didn't make it on to Jan Crowley's Creative Team (CT). Ah well! Life goes on!

Now to focus on the next thing: PaperDillies DT Contest. I sent in my entry several days ago, and the deadline is tomorrow. The 10 finalists will be notified by next Wednesday. Fingers crossed. :)

Slowly proceeding on the job front. I passed the criminal and reference checks - I'm squeaky clean! Today was the "pre-employment" drug test that it seems like every company wants you to do. I showed up bright and early at 8 a.m., and the testing lab had no idea I was showing up. I sure hope that got straightened out after I left.

I turned in my official notice yesterday. My last day at my current job will be Thursday, 2/23. I'll start my new job on Monday, 2/27, giving me a nice long weekend to enjoy.

Plans are moving along to get the new furniture. The couch is too long (and most likely too high) to go in the back of our SUV, so we're borrowing my dad's truck. This, of course, always has to involve logistics. Dad is going out of town for the day on Sunday, so we are switching vehicles with him on Saturday night, so he can have something to drive. We'll pick our stuff up on Sunday, then Dad will drive out to our house and switch vehicles again. There is a *slight* chance he'll be going from our house to my sister's house with our old couch...but that's not set in stone yet because we have no idea when my sister can move out her old couch (which also requires using Dad's truck). Ah, the trials and tribulations of furniture moving. :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This is a layout I did last night for the upcoming DigiChick "New Designers" crop (Friday, 2/10, 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific). It uses the "Heart's Desire" kit created by the new designers. The password for the kit will be given out at the chat.

The Heart's Desire kit preview:

On Friday night, I will be participating in another event: Scrapbook Jungle's ScrapOlympics. Starts at 9:30 p.m. Eastern/6:30 p.m. The chat room is here:

Yesterday, my husband agreed to purchase a "new to us" mission style futon couch, loveseat, and coffee table. Well within our price range, and the kind of furniture we've been wanting to get. Now, we need to get guest bedroom mattress set out the door - and it's already got a taker, we just need to get it there. :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

We got a car!

2003 Ford Taurus SES sedan, white....

My husband is the primary driver on the car right now, but I'll drive it on an occasional basis. It is definitely more fuel efficient and meant for commuting...and since he's got the 46 mile drive one way to work, he gets to drive it. Not that I'm crying...I get the vehicle with the heated seats! :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Saturday's task:

Time to buy a car.

We knew when we moved out here, everything was at least 30 minutes away (friends, family, jobs)....but that was before the layoff at my husband's work. Since then, jobs have moved around.

Starting Monday, he'll be working 46 miles from home. It's about an hour commute, one way. I work about 35-40 minutes from home, at my current job. It will be about the same at the new job, but in a different direction. Unfortunately, we only have one car...we've been living with that situation for about 6 months now...but now it's a dire situation that must be corrected.

We have researched cars, dealerships, prices, loans...and we've narrowed it down to 2 cars: one local (2003 Ford Taurus sedan) and one not so local (2005 Saturn Ion 1). Both are almost the same price and have about the same mileage. Just a matter of what we want and what we can live with.

I'll take a picture once we get the car....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I got the job! Woohoo! :)

Now my wardrobe has to change - going from jeans and t-shirts to dockers and polo shirts. Ah well......guess I have to start looking like a professional! :D

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I survived! Now if I could just fall asleep! My mind is whirring, and the book I read to "shutdown" my mind didn't help. I finished up The Archer's Tale and did not realize I'd be reading so many pages of a long-drawn out battle that late at night.....visions of archers and foot soldiers and horsemen and knights, dancing in my head.

Okay, okay, I want a recap of the interview, right? Actually, it was 6 interviews, between 30 - 45 minutes each. I thought I did really well in each interview, until I got to the last, which was with HR. I'm not sure if she was pushing because it's in her nature or if it's just part of the HR schtick to do the behavioral type of questions (although she seemed just a bit more aggressive than I've seen before).

I found out I am one of two candidates in serious running for the job. I know the other candidate, and she would also be a great fit for the job, but I really want this job! :) Let's hope I impressed all 6 interviewers so overwhelmingly that they choose me....:D

I will find out, at the latest, by Monday. You, faithful blog readers, will probably know the outcome shortly after I tell my husband. :)