Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monday, I got braces for the THIRD time. My teeth are bound and determined to move and crowd, while I am just as determined to keep them straight and uncrowded.

I realized that this is also a metaphor for my weight loss. This will be the time that my lifestyle changes will take effect. I always get stalled right around this weight, but this has to stop. I will get over this hump, and move on to the next size and goal.

I've set up a back massage appointment for next Friday. I am going to make every attempt to hit 190 before then - as it is my reward for hitting the "0" mark (my goals are based on 190, 180, 170, 150...).

Even if I'm close, I will deserve it, and use it as incentive to keep going. I will do what it takes to get the weight off, get in shape, get healthy, and lower cholesterol.

I will have these braces on for as long as it takes - no shortcuts! The same has to apply here for weight loss.


Anonymous said...

WOW...i was doing a google search & came across your blog & just had to write to you. on october 4 of this year, i got my braces on, for the third time too! i thought i was the only one. my last orthodontic appointment was monday & she gave me rubber bands...a first for me. i am having a very difficult time adjusting to the pressure but i will do what i have to do. best of luck to you on your weight loss...we are in the same boat there as well. i told myself that these next 2 years(lenght of treatment)are going to be about me.
(so far so good)
take care rachel & thanks for sharing your's nice to know i am not alone : )

Michael Boyle said...

I would like to see the photos of your before and after!