Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had my followup visit at the doctor today - it's been 15 days since the accident.

No more sling, unless I'm walking (because the arms swing too much and cause a lot of pain).

Keep wearing the brace, but do some range of motion movements. I think if the wrist is still as painful in 2 weeks, they'll probably do an MRI, because that will indicate whether I tore ligaments a bit more seriously.

She thinks I might have dislocated my shoulder a smidge - she called it sublexation (which basically means a partial dislocation). That's based on the pain and how it occurs with movement.

She's happy I'm getting acupuncture, she thinks it will help immensely.

I will see her again in 2 weeks, the day before I leave for Philly. I will have had 2 physical therapy visits by then, so she can judge progress. She will also evaluate prescriptions and issue new ones if necessary, especially for travel. She warned me to pack light. :)


razgriz47 said...

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Hope your recovery's still going OK. Are you in PhHilly now? Good luck!
Hugs, Dean