Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sigh. I've been tagged once again - thanks Phylise!

Let me see. Seven things you don't know about me.

1. If there is a choice, I will always choose the 2nd stall in a public bathroom instead of the 1st. Too many times, the 1st stall is the one that is unflushed or just plain gross/disgusting.

2. I tend to collect things: fleece blankets/throws, Snowbabies, Hallmark ornaments (I have one series I've been collecting for 10 years). Oh, and water bottles. :)

3. I have over 500 music CDs, and I ran out of space to store them about 150 CDs ago. :)

4. I don't go to movie theatres any more, except for a "must see on the big screen" movie. Too many distractions, the air conditioning dries out my eyes, and I can't stop the movie to go to the bathroom. Plus it's cheaper to BUY the dang movie than see it in the theatre, and I get to keep the movie afterward.

5. My husband and I are the family archivists for both sides of our local families. My mother-in-law gave us the family negatives (not photos, the negatives) several years ago, and we archived them in negative sheets. The negatives take up an entire 3 inch D-ring binder. :) We used to have a darkroom in our first home.

6. My husband and I have several cameras, including the following: a Crown Graphic 4x5 field camera, a Bronica Etrs medium format camera, a Nikon N90s (all film), a Nikon Coolpix L15, and my trusty Nikon D100. Plus the camera my grandparents gave me as a graduation gift from high school, a Canon AE-1 program film camera. I used that camera until 2000, when it started not rolling the film along, and I missed out on photos. That's when we bought the N90s and switched to Nikon.

7. I have an entire bedroom devoted to a photography/craft space. It's in a constant state of mess, and it's not because of the scrapbook supplies! Somehow, it becomes the "dumping" ground for everything my husband can't figure out where to put, so it piles up. The problem is, it gets so messy that I'm overwhelmed trying to clean it up, and I can never finish cleaning in one sitting.


JanMary said...

Great facts.

Would love to have an entire photography/craft room.

chantillylace said...

I have a dumping room too. Very difficult to clear it out once it gets to a certain stage.

Joy said...

oooh love the idea of my own craft room! Although am sure it would be just used as a dumping ground by my family too!!