Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad blogger!

Life has been pretty full. I've been attempting to finish up an entry for a layout contest, which needs to be postmarked by July 31st...I'm cutting it close, I hope to get it mailed out this Friday.

Life has also been hot, weather wise! Last Friday (the 21st), the city I'm living hit 108 degrees. Do I need to mention that our apartment has *NO* A/C? We spent Saturday and Sunday trucking around to various places, which all had A/C (our vehicles do too). We celebrated my sister's birthday (I won't mention the number, she's pretty sensitive about it) at my parents' house, which was also air conditioned. :) I will post a picture of me and my 6 month old niece later today or tomorrow.

We plan on going to the storage place on Saturday and moving all the stuff from the small 10x10 room into the big 10x20 room, so we only have "rent" for one room. It should just about fit.

I promise, I'll be a better blogger from now on...

I'm also doing the "Chick Walk Challenge" at the Digi Chick - proud member of the Blue Suede Walking Shoes here! :)

Darla Vasquez and I will be hosting the Digi Chick "Chick Flick Chat" next Tuesday, August 1. Watch Sixteen Candles (yeah, the 80s movie) and join us for a lively, entertaining chat!

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