Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Congratulations to StaceyD and HaleyW, who answered the most trivia questions correctly last night in our Sixteen Candles Chick Flick Chat! :)

Next event:

Go to Digi Chick for more information on Friendship Day events: trading cards (ATCs), a scraplift challenge, and MORE!


Anonymous said...

Do you support your friend, Miss Mint's (Peppermint Creative.. aka Steph Krush..Digital Paper, SBB) long career as a scrap pirate! She is the ultimate pirate master. What a good, loyal, trusting friend to have. Just give away thousands of your friend's scrap kits to 100's of people.

Favorite Digi Chick kits shared her the group:

Asian Satins, All That Glitters, Baby Got A Brand New Pair Of Shoes, Oshkosh, Oh Noes, Sweethearts Alphas, Shabby Dreams, Apple Pie, Reganini, A Colorful Fall, Bubble-Flip, Trish,
Jackfrost, Heckya, Art Chick, Glass Alpha, Holly's Birthday, Tangerine Dreams, Banana Split, A Burst Of Brights, Splash Of Spring, Miss Lacey, Hollywood, Not Too Shabby, Little Miss Hip, Sunrise, Tom Boy, Christmas Mini Kit, Chicks, Desert Island, Celebrate, Pure Eupthoric, OM Gosh, So Corny, Jawbreaker, G-miller Font Freebie, G-Miller-Fab Freebie, G-miller Fig and Plum,
Hearts Desire, Give Me Wings, September Fun, Amy Jo, Blue Eyes, Tis The Season, Misty Morning, Afternoon Delight, Oohlala, Grandparents, Goody Goody Yum Drops, Million Dollar Alpha, Days Of Eden, Citrus Breeze, Love Yah, Mint Chocolate, Home, Family, Liljesse, Tuscan Autumn, Sweet N Sassy Freebie, Summer Memories, Soft Sherbert

Favorite Sweetshop kits shared by her group:

Aged Polaroid Alphas, Southern Comfort, Sweetstuff, Candy Coated Kisses, Beautiful Me, Couture, White Orchid, Sweet Love, Winter Wonderland, Minty Fresh, Cranberry Crush, Sweet Nothing, Sugar Frosting, A Mother's Love, Blue Brush,

Your friends.. Sunday.. (aka Jaided.. and Trisha Burton ( Melissa Piccone (Owner of Photo Book Memories), Bekki Greiner, Jaime Hunter, Jaclin Fulkerson, Susann DeMarce, Marta Dupuis, Candy Sorensen, Dina Irwin, Ronetta Colbert, Tara Forbes, Lynn White and Deborah Chiasson shared so many of your kits and many other artist's as well.

*Don't hate the messenger...Hate the pirate master, herself*

***Remember the rule.. No Piracy.. unless.. you are a scrap artist or a scrap artist's friend, or Jen Strange-Oh My, or Melissa Piccone (Owner of Photo Book Memories), or your friend Steph Krush..aka Miss Mint***

Anonymous said...

Can you please remove the comment above? Legal action has been taken against this person. Feel free to contact me with more info, Thanks!