Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Okay, okay, sorry, I've been a bad blogger! :)

My boss has been gone since last Friday, so I've been busy. We were supposed to go out of town last weekend, but we ended up just staying home. One of our cats has kitty acne, and that requires twice a day antibiotics (you try pulling the cat out from under the bed to give it medicine) and warm compress on the chin with medicated water.

On Sunday, we saw a few friends, went out to breakfast, met a couple of friends at the mall, helped one of them shop for clothes, and that was the extent of our socializing.

I'm getting together with a couple of friends this Friday to go scrapbooking, so I picked up some pictures I uploaded to Costco. Thinking about a theme album or a tag album...something like that. I picked up Memory Makers special issue on theme albums to help me out.

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