Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ah, my 2nd post. Lots of stuff going on!

Up through Friday the 22nd, both my best friend and I were planning on heading to a scrapbooking retreat in Hood River. Yeah, she'd had some pretty serious ovarian pain, but she was of the belief that since it had taken them so long to get around to the pelvic ultrasound, it wasn't going to be likely that she'd be whisked into immediate surgery.

WRONG! Ultrasound was on Wednesday, Thursday she got the results: one cyst on the right ovary, and a indeterminate "mass" on the left ovary. So, she had an appointment on Friday at 5 p.m., which I went to her with (along with her husband and two kids). We surely thought that they'll set up surgery (if required) for next week.


The doctor did a quick look/see/feel, listened to her family history (her sister had problems with cysts and required a hysterectomy at 27), and said, "Surgery at noon on Saturday. Prepare for the worst case, that we'll have to do a hysterectomy."

Not what we expected to hear. I went to the retreat by myself, arriving at about 8.

That in itself was an interesting experience. I've been to scrapbook retreats before, but never held by this company. A good 90% of the scrapbookers (everyone was paper scrapper except for me) were Creative Memories scrappers. Wow. It's been a long time since I've been around that much CM stuff. Two ladies completed 65 pages each! I think I mystified them with my style...and my laptop. Lots of questions about that! It didn't help that I was smack in the dead center of the room, so everyone could see the laptop and the external hard drive.

I completed two mini-albums, except for journaling. Page layout, pictures down, embellishments down. All total, (32) 8x8 pages with no journaling. :) I did mostly complete one digital layout (I really did expect to complete more, honest), but PSCS2 was just way too slow on the laptop.


Shirley said...

You are truly a wonderful friend Rachel. I know Brookes was comforted with your presence during this difficult time. I can't believe how much you got accomplished at the retreat! Isn't it weird sitting in a room of mostly CM scrappers? I did one of those too and I was WIDELY UNACCEPTED there!

NancyJones said...

god bless you with your surgery... I just went through this 6 weeks ago had to have full hysto. Im almost 10 years older than you so I really feel for you. Hystersisters is a wonderful site it helped me more than ever esp what to expect etc. You may wanna check it out!