Sunday, September 24, 2006

This is the first of two posts this evening. :)

We visited the house today after I got home from my scrapbook retreat (that's the next post).

Since last Thrusday, we have windows installed in every room that is supposed to have one, except for my craft room. Our guest bath shower/tub combo and the tub & shower for the master bathroom are sitting in the garage, just waiting to be installed. We still have no roof shingles. They've also installed insulation and some white covering over the installation where the showers and tubs will go. Oh yeah, they've framed the area where the fireplace goes downstairs, so cool!

Here's a couple of pictures to tide you over:

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Anonymous said...

I'd check with them on those shingles if I were you. I know DH won't allow insulation unless the shingles are on!