Sunday, March 11, 2007

BUSTED! Someone finally noticed (and commented) that I haven't posted for a while. Oops!

I've been a busy little beaver... :)

In case you're wondering, this is what I have on my schedule:

- Creative Team for two designers (Ronee Parsons & Marsha Zepeda)
- Creative Team for The Digi Chick
- Webmaster for the Willamette Valley Chapter STC website
- Judge for the STC International Tech Pubs Competition (lead judge of my team)
- Judge for the STC Newsletter Competition
- Judge for the STC Public Relations Competition
- Judge for the STC Community Achievement Award competition
- Member of the STC LCR
- Candidate for the 2007 STC election for one of two "Nominating Committee" positions

And just today, I got offered another opportunity - can't say much about it now, but after May I can...

Oh yeah, I work wonder my creative energy seems a bit lost these days!

I promise, I'll be better about updating at least once a week! :D

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