Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Someone ran a stop sign and rammed the front passenger/headlight area of my Durango. Lucky for me, I was in the Durango, because I was in the "right" and going 35 mph.

My right arm went numb almost immediately, and my left arm started hurting a little bit later. I declined the ambulance trip to the ER and DH took me in after the Durango was towed. It was not drivable at all, the tire was blown (and was smoking right after the accident) and DH thinks the frame has been bent.

I'm wearing a sling on my right arm, and I've been told that i will hurt much more tomorrow. Both forearms hurt, neck hurts, spine hurts a bit...I will call the doctor tomorrow.

Poor guy who hit me kept saying he was sorry - he did not understand much English. We do have the same insurance company so that will make things easier.

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Dawn said...

Oh man Rachel - how terrible. I hope it is all taken care of quickly and that your injuries heal fast and do not turn into something more serious!