Wednesday, August 31, 2005


My good friend sent me a polite reminder that it was time to update!

I wasn't too good at counting points yesterday, but I'm doing really well today! I've already had dinner, and I still have 2 points left for dessert a little later, which will probably be the Snack Oreos (the 100 calorie pack). I love those things!

Good news! My new contract job starts Wednesday, September 7. That will make it A LOT easier to keep track of points. I'll have to make and bring my lunches - lunch is my danger zone - so I can keep track and plan in advance.

My biggest problem coming up is my husband's family get together for Labor Day on Sunday. I'm hoping to keep it pretty low-key, but they always have lots of food at these gatherings. My husband has noticed that I'm a "social" eater too, so I have to watch that. I'll also bring along my own Diet Dr Pepper, so I can save points for other things.

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