Monday, October 30, 2006

Okay, okay, I've been negligent in updating the blog! :) Trust me, I haven't wanted to bore you.

They started drywalling on 10/25. Almost all the drywall is up, but the seams are not mudded and it's definitely not textured yet. :) Some of the light fixtures downstairs need to have drywall removed (they are marked to remove, except for one - we emailed the field manager on that one).

In 2 weeks, we'll need to have a key to get in. So in the next two weeks, we'll see the following happen:

- garage floor (cement) poured
- drywall, texture, and paint completed
- garage door installed
- locks installed
- hardwood flooring installed downstairs (i think)

What happens in two weeks, you ask? Well, that's when the cabinets arrive (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry), so the garage has to have a garage door that closes AND locks, so someone can't just drive up and steal all of our cabinets. And after that, all of the sinks and other fixtures start coming in, so it will be "secure time"...

Here's a couple of pictures from 10/29/06!

From the master bedroom, looking at the entry double doors (left) and the master bathroom door (right):

And from the larger lots/houses part of the subdivision, this is the model's home carpet and wood flooring. We didn't realize until a month ago that we'd picked the EXACT same carpet/color and wood flooring, so here's a sneak preview of what ours will look like:

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Becky said...

Looka t there...things are moving along beautifully