Saturday, October 07, 2006

That darn Valgal...

She tagged me!

I have to list 5 weird things about me and tag 5 other people...

1. Only my head peeks out from the covers when I'm sleeping. Especially in the winter, I tend to "cocoon" and tuck the covers around my shoulders. That's because...
2. I'm a stomach sleeper. At least, I can only fall asleep that way.
3. I have a routine for drying off after I step out of the shower. *blush*
4. I *like* fruitcake. :)
5. I still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a regular basis.

Okay, now to tag folks:



Valgal said...

LOL at the 'darn Valgal' comment. I have a towel-drying routine too! Hey, I'll think of you next time I'm stepping out of the shower... (insert creepy giggle here).

Diana said...

I'll get on it!!!!!

Becky said...

Getting on it now

Trudchen said...

OK, I'll get on it too.