Saturday, October 01, 2005


After some serious discussion about finances and health issues, my husband and I have decided to join an athletic club. No, we didn't pick a Bally's or a 24 Hour Fitness club. To us, those are intimidating....too many hardbodies, not enough regular people. As someone who is "plus-size," I want to see that there are "regular" folk working out, not just the people who are already in shape and trying to stay that way. We found a nice place, it even has an indoor track to walk around - 12 laps equal 1 mile. :)

So, back to the ouch part.

Yesterday, we decided that once we signed the papers, we'd do a brief workout. We didn't want to do too much, as part of the incentive for signing includes 2 sessions (for both of us) with a personal trainer. We both did some laps around the indoor track, but then split apart to check out the machines. I did about 10 minutes on the bicycle, which also had "ski pole" like arms you could move back and forth while cycling. I did another 6 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Here's where the ouch comes in! About 20 minutes after I was done with the elliptical, my butt muscles started to hurt. And by the time we got home, yep, those arm muscles were starting to make their presence known.

I am so out of shape.

I am determined though. I know that exercise is the key to my weight loss. We plan on going every day after work, on the way home. It will take us out of the rush hour traffic, but it will also mean getting home later than usual. But that's a small price to pay to get us in shape.


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