Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Warning! Soapbox rant ahead - non scrapbooking related!

*You have been warned!*

My husband has been searching for a permanent job that has good benefits, the pay level he wants (or at least somewhere close), and a good location. He's been interviewing lately, and yesterday just takes the cake. He scheduled an interview with a local company for 4 p.m., so that he didn't have to miss a lot of work. He arrived at the interview with time to spare (15 minutes).

- The 2 interviewers were 5 minutes late.
- The interviewers had not even read or glanced at his resume before the interview.
- The interviewers did not ask him technical questions (he's a geeky programmer type guy).
- The interviewers sat stone faced through the entire interview, did not crack a smile or show any emotion.

Guess what? He got a call this morning from the employment agency which got him the interview, and they decided not to "continue" looking at him. Argh! In my opinion, this company had already decided on their candidate before my husband even interviewed, and were going through the motions to make sure they fulfilled some requirement HR or the company has to have a minimum amount of candidates to choose from. ARGH! *mutter*mutter*grumble*grumble*

Enough to make him want to go out on his own again and form his own company, but that's not happening unless I get a permanent job with benefits - and his career field has more opportunities for permanent positions than mine does right now.


Soapbox off.

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