Tuesday, January 24, 2006

NSBR: I've got a job interview!

Yep, I have a job interview for a senior position in my career field. :)

Permanent position, accrues PTO, has medical/dental/vision, and it would be working with someone I consider a mentor.

It has been a long haul to this point. I applied for the job opening on 12/9/2005. The job opening accepted resumes through 12/31/2005. On 1/5/2006, I received a "follow-up" questionnaire, asking to expand on certain areas of my resume, due by 1/9/2006. On 1/20/2006, I got a call from HR, but wasn't able to connect with HR until yesterday, 1/23/2006.

By the time I interview (2/1/2006) it will have been almost 2 months since I submitted my resume. Let's hope it doesn't take 2 weeks for the final decision after the interviews.


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Diana said...

Hey, here's more good luck from me on the interview! I just created a blog here so now I can comment! :)