Friday, December 15, 2006

I have the cashier's check in my hot little hands! :) We got a call at about 9:55 this morning, saying the title company had received our loan documents, and they were ready when we were. We set the appointment for 4 p.m. this afternoon.

I promptly rushed to the bank and had our cashier's check drawn up. Wow....a lot of money in one place, but it's for a good cause: HOUSING! :)

We cannot wait to move. Here are the things we *WON'T* miss from the apartment:

- Not enough space (1000 sq feet doesn't cut it with two humans and three cats)
- Being 20 feet from a major thoroughfare (which is less than a mile from the closest municipal airport, and traffic is constant on day and night)
- Mr Stomper upstairs (who has "heavy" feet and stomps all around his apartment)
- Guaranteed parking for only one car (carport) and potluck parking on the other....
- The cougher next door, whose bedroom is on the other side of our bedroom wall...

Here's what I'll miss:

- Being 2 miles from work (10 minute commute during worst traffic)
- 2 blocks from the nearest Starbucks

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