Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We had the blue tape inspection/walkthrough this morning. In addition to minor paint and drywall issues, they have the following items to complete before next Wednesday morning, when we have the signoff.

1) Left side cabinet door above refrigerator rubs on wall
2) Back patio pour and fix siding
3) Can light burned out
4) Finish trim on left and right of fireplace
5) Adjust handle on den door (it sticks)
6) Install window blinds
7) Pour fence posts inside concrete on back patio
8) Chirping smoke detector (needs new battery)
9) Set sinks
10) Cabinet touch up end panel hall bath upstairs
11) Light bulb over shower & mirror
12) Finish carpeting stairs (bottom half)
13) Receive and install granite slab, then install appliances

One more thing needs to get completed, but not before signoff: landscaping and irrigation. Unfortunately, the wettest November on record played havoc with pouring concrete or doing any yardwork.

And the technology guys are coming on Monday the 18th to hook up the wiring and install the plates for all the structured wiring.

All in all, it was a good inspection. I just hope it is ALL finished before we come back next time.

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