Saturday, March 25, 2006

One of the decisions we made when I got this new job was that we need to sell our current house and move closer (the commute is currently 45 minutes in good traffic, 1/3 of the trip on a curvy switchback one lane each direction road).

So, we've been looking for houses on the weekends and packing up to move so we can stage our house.

One of the places we saw was a development about 15 minutes away. But it had a LONG priority waiting list - we were #80 on the list! About every 2-3 weeks, they "release" homes. Today, they had a release at 9 a.m. - and it's not based on when you show up, but where you are on the waiting list among the people who show up.

There were 8 homes to be released today. Out of those 8, we liked the site/lot/floorplan of 4, so we had a good chance, IF the crowd was small. Well, the crowd was small (6 couples) but we were couple #5. Our 3rd and 4th choice houses went right away with the first two couples. 3rd couple took our 2nd choice house. And luck of all luck, the 4th couple decided to do one of the other 4 houses, leaving us our first choice house! Woohoo!

Never in a million years did we think that we'd get our house being that far down the priority list. And the 6th couple (they were #86) got what they wanted too....fortunately, these are all of future neighbors, so it's nice we got to meet today. We wouldn't have had a chance if it hadn't been the start of spring break here...I think most folks were out of town.

Now, we just need to finish getting our house packed up and on the market!

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