Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time sure flies fast when you are having fun! :)

Friday night, we had a lovely steak and baked potato dinner with our friends.

Early Saturday morning, I woke my scrapping buddies up at the crack of dawn to get our butts to the Oregon Convention Center by 8 a.m., since our classes started at 8:30 and we needed to pick up tickets and all that jazz. When we were almost there, I realized I forgot my entry for the SS layout contest - what a bummer! :( I entered the Epson digital contest, and still don't know who won. Epson announced the results a day late at the Saturday night crop, which I did not attend because I was at the 2peas Pubster dinner at BJ's....and then I dragged my friends home so we could crash from all the excitement and shopping.

Speaking of shopping...yes I did buy stuff... :) Technique Tuesday stamps, Basic Grey papers, and some Rusty Pickle items.

On Sunday, we slept in, then headed to breakfast. Once we safely got our friends over the Pass, we headed house hunting. We had also decided to put ourselves on the priority waiting list for a home site near my new job. We filled out their paperwork and left to look at other places. Frankly, other than one other development, nothing we saw was worth the prices the builders were asking. Yes, I know the housing bubble has yet to burst here, but I wish it would...the prices are getting ridiculous.

The good news is that the home site is doing a "release" of 8 sites on Saturday. It being Spring Break, there may not be a lot of folks showing up to see if they can get least, that's what we are hoping, since we are #80 on the list! :) Say 10 people show up....not only would 2 people have to "waive" picking the lots, the lots left would have to be something we'd want. We'd be satisfied with any one of 4 of the 8 lots - 2 houses each of 2 plans...the other 2 plans are just not the right flow/plan. Wish us luck! We're giving up attending breakfast with friends to go, so hopefully it's worth it!

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