Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I survived! Now if I could just fall asleep! My mind is whirring, and the book I read to "shutdown" my mind didn't help. I finished up The Archer's Tale and did not realize I'd be reading so many pages of a long-drawn out battle that late at night.....visions of archers and foot soldiers and horsemen and knights, dancing in my head.

Okay, okay, I want a recap of the interview, right? Actually, it was 6 interviews, between 30 - 45 minutes each. I thought I did really well in each interview, until I got to the last, which was with HR. I'm not sure if she was pushing because it's in her nature or if it's just part of the HR schtick to do the behavioral type of questions (although she seemed just a bit more aggressive than I've seen before).

I found out I am one of two candidates in serious running for the job. I know the other candidate, and she would also be a great fit for the job, but I really want this job! :) Let's hope I impressed all 6 interviewers so overwhelmingly that they choose me....:D

I will find out, at the latest, by Monday. You, faithful blog readers, will probably know the outcome shortly after I tell my husband. :)

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