Friday, February 03, 2006

Saturday's task:

Time to buy a car.

We knew when we moved out here, everything was at least 30 minutes away (friends, family, jobs)....but that was before the layoff at my husband's work. Since then, jobs have moved around.

Starting Monday, he'll be working 46 miles from home. It's about an hour commute, one way. I work about 35-40 minutes from home, at my current job. It will be about the same at the new job, but in a different direction. Unfortunately, we only have one car...we've been living with that situation for about 6 months now...but now it's a dire situation that must be corrected.

We have researched cars, dealerships, prices, loans...and we've narrowed it down to 2 cars: one local (2003 Ford Taurus sedan) and one not so local (2005 Saturn Ion 1). Both are almost the same price and have about the same mileage. Just a matter of what we want and what we can live with.

I'll take a picture once we get the car....

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