Friday, February 10, 2006

Another disappointment. I didn't get a "call" for my Blueprints layouts I submitted. Sigh. Moving on again. I'm very happy for my friend Becky though, who got calls for 3 of the 5 she submitted. And the 2 that didn't get picked up for Blueprints? She submitted those with 2 others to another magazine, and they were picked up within a couple of hours. Go Becky Go! :)

The chat at the DigiChick was so successful tonight, people couldn't get in! I left the chat after about 30 minutes, because as a de-zine team member, I already had the password (see layout below) and wanted to give others a chance to get in. I never made it back in! :)

Well, the "Great Furniture Move" rolls along. Dad is showing up Saturday morning (11 hours from now), helping us load the couch into his truck, we follow him to my sister's house with our car, we drive back with his truck. And on Sunday, we drive our queen sized mattress, boxsprings, and frame to my friend, drop it off, and then go pick up our new couch, loveseat, and coffee table. Way too much maneuvering for me.....*blink*.....

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Becky said...

Thank you darlin! Have I told you lately that you are my inspiration!