Monday, February 27, 2006

First day of work went fairly smoothly! Well, they didn't have my computer ready first thing when I got there (8:30), but by the time I got out of benefits orientation (11:00) I not only had a computer, but two monitors. :) Then my manager took me out for lunch. Day went by pretty fast, got signed up for benefits, and started learning about the industry.

They had no issue with us parking our second car overnight Monday-Thursday nights, so we don't have to drive both cars over the pass every day...and it saves on gas & wear and tear on both vehicles. The only problem is how early I'll get there, but I'll just head to the gym to workout, instead of going into work at 6:45....*shudder*.....wish me luck! I'll need it, starting exercise back up again!

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Angela said...

Eek!!! That's WAY too early in the morning! :) Have fun working out!