Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well, it was a slow, (mostly) quiet weekend.

No showings on Saturday or Sunday. Guess the Easter weekend had something to do with that. I sure hope more people look at it next weekend, when we have our open house.

We went to the DMV, renewed our tags on our 2nd car, checked our mail, and my husband got a haircut. Then we had dinner with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend at a local restaurant. First time they'd been to our house - figured they should see it before we put it on the market. :)

This morning, we got up early and had breakfast with my mother-in-law, (same) brother-in-law, and his girlfriend. It was her birthday on Friday, and she also wanted to give me my birthday present. When we got home, I promptly conked out for a nap, I was so tired.

Spent the day resting, catching up on unwatched TiVo programs. Tomorrow's a new day!

Let's hope tomorrow brings more showings and potential offers. I really don't want the house to be on the market that long. It's stressful keeping it this clean. :D

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