Thursday, June 22, 2006

Almost done unpacking! Just in time too, since one of our friends from Eugene is visiting this weekend. Her visit was great incentive to make sure we unpacked in a timely manner. Besides, I'm getting tired of catching on open box flaps... :)

This weekend, the two of us (my friend and me) will be going scrapbooking on Saturday with three other friends. Five of us all in one place, just to paper scrap. FUN FUN FUN! :)

I barely squeaked my entry for Week 2 into the gallery for the TDC "28 Days" challenge. Here it is:

I went to get my "must have" supplies out of the storage room last night. ARGH! One of the boxes is on the highest level, on the back wall of the storage room. I can NOT reach up that high. There is also a box with the acrylic paper trays somewhere in there...and I'm sure it's probably in the stack somewhere, but it shouldn't be...I did write "DO NOT STACK" on every side. Sigh. Ah well, my husband gets to help me find it tonight. :)

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