Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I made it to the 2nd round of the CT search for DigiChick Designer Heather Roselli! :)

Because of all the moving stuff this week, I downloaded her kit and promptly did my layout, even though it wasn't due until 8 p.m. Friday. Tonight, we sort stuff for the movers (needs packing, we are moving it ourselves, post it notes on more stuff), tomorrow night we go get the keys for our apartment and then go to a banquet, and Friday night I could conceivably be without Internet connection! *gasp*

The appraiser came at 7:30 this morning - we were gone by 6:45. Of course, that's much later than we normally get out of the house (6:15), but we still got out before they got there.

Oh yeah, here's the layout I did for Round 2! :)


Heather Roselli, "Simply Delightful" kit
Virtual Photographer, Sepia filter
Atomic Cupcake, Wild Tear action
Font: CaslonNo540SwaD


ChloƩ said...

congrats on the CT call for Heather! Love your LO! And best wishes for your moving week end, hope it won't be too exhausting...

Rachael Giallongo said...

Congrats! Your LO looks great!

Tara said...

congrats on making it to the second round!