Monday, June 26, 2006

Moving is NOT FUN in record breaking heat. Yesterday, Portland smashed a record of 95 degrees with a temperature of 100 degrees - IN JUNE! Who'd have thought we'd need A/C in June?

Speaking of A/C - the apartment DOES NOT have it. Ugh. We're on the first floor, which means it isn't *that* bad, but because of the proximity to a major thoroughfare road, as well as to the covered carport spaces, we cannot leave our windows open to get a breeze in overnight. Well, at least not until we get some kind of dowel that will keep folks from trying to slide our window open to break into the apartment.

Tonight is the last night we'll be going to the "old" house. We're going to empty the refrigerator and freezer, plus take one more load to the dumpster. Tomorrow, Merry Maids comes in and does a thorough wipe down cleaning. Friday, ServiceMaster Clean comes in to clean the carpet. The carpet cleaning was requested in the repair addendum, so it has to be done. The house cleaning is on our dime, for *our* peace of mind. After Friday, we'll go back one more time, to take pictures of the state of the house. We don't want the buyers coming back in six months saying it was in "this state" when a few minutes snapping a bunch of photos on our digital camera will cover our butts. :)

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ChloƩ said...

Poor you!! Moving is never fun, but it's even less in heat! You're gonna be done soon, though! Wishing you and your family all the best in your new home!