Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I did it!

I exercised last night at the gym. One down, two to go this week! :) Turns out, our athletic club has upgraded the machines so that there are flat panel tvs in front of a lot of the machines, with a remote control that has a headphone jack. Those 25 minutes went by in a flash last night, since I was watching "While You Were Out" on TLC (the episode with Roger Clemens). I plan on walking around the building at work at least once today - twice if I'm inspired. :D

We haven't gotten the official repair addendum, but we've been told they are asking for two repairs, one that we expected (gas stove problem) and one that we didn't (drip from connection to water meter down in the crawl space). Guess we'll see if they ask for anything else - it's not like there could really be much wrong with a less than 2 year old home. :)

1 comment:

Christian said...

Your gym sounds pretty nice. Mine don't even have a TV and they play bad music. *envy*