Friday, June 02, 2006

Still waiting to know if our house is sold, or if they are going to counteroffer, or if they are going to back out. Stay tuned, it should all be over by 5 p.m. Pacific. :)

In better news, I'm on day 3 of Weight Watchers online. I've done well at keeping within my points, resisting temptation, and trying to drink more water. Some of the tricks I use to keep myself on track:

- Make Kool Aid with Splenda. I hate plain water all the time, and this makes it easy to get water down.

- Have options at work other than vending machines. Thankfully, work has several refrigerators, so there is room to put some groceries. And unlike other workplaces, I rarely get my food stolen. :)

I'm going scrapbooking tonight with my best friend. I'll be leaving work early so I can pick her up and take her home to get her supplies. Then we'll head over to the store and scrap our little hearts out. Well, I might scrap...I think I'll just be happy to get "out" and socialize. :)

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ChloƩ said...

Congrats on doing good on WW, you go girl! And the evening sounds great! Hope you'll show us what you come up with! Have fun!