Monday, June 19, 2006


Almost everything is out of the house. The only things left are the widescreen TV (ain't no way we were letting movers touch it), and some assorted items for Goodwill or another charity...and our bikes in the garage.

We'll be picking up the TV and the bikes today.

Well, the plumber didn't show up on either Friday OR Saturday. My husband called all the other plumbers in our area, and no one called him back. Guess I get to try again today.

The customer service rep from Milgard that I called last week did not call back either. So I called again today, asked what specific information I needed to have on hand to talk to her, and mentioned that I'd left a message last week. The receptionist said that if my rep did not call back by the end of today, to call back tomorrow and she'd get a supervisor to talk to me. We are the original owners, the window is less than 2 years old, and it is still under manufacturer's warranty. There should be no issues. We just need to get the ball rolling so the buyers know it is in process.

Speaking of the buyers, they tried to slip a couple of fast ones into the repair addendum. No way, no how. Remember that Milgard window? We were originally told that they would not include that in the repair addendum, because they didn't want to hold up the closing while it got fixed. Well, somewhere in translation, a window *above* the sliding glass door got turned into the sliding glass door seal repair on the addendum. Not only would that have required us to replace the sliding glass door, but it would have been expensive...and they got it wrong to boot! *mutter mutter grumble grumble* And they had the nerve to say that any bills due to the seal repair would be sent to us AFTER closing. Uh uh. Did the words "manufacturer's warranty" mean nothing to them? There is NO COST to them. Geez.

On a better note, we have unpacked the kitchen. Of course, we still have NOTHING in the fridge except for water, so we *have* to correct that issue tonight. We have a good head start on the office, and have made some headway in the bedroom.

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Adrienne said...

Moving is HARD work! HOpe you are able to get a little done each day.